4 Fun Ideas on How You Can Make Tooth Brushing More Enjoyable for Your Kids

If you are a parent, then you definitely understand the struggle of having to convince your kids to do something that they do not want to. This can become extra-challenging when it comes to tooth brushing. Many children loathe this process due to the strange sensation that they feel when brushing their teeth, gums, and tongue. It is human instinct to avoid pain and discomfort, hence you should not be surprised when your child employs various mischievous tactics to avoid brushing their teeth in the morning or at night. Here are some effective strategies that you can use to make tooth brushing more enjoyable for your kids:

1. Surprise them with a new toothbrush

Next time you visit the department store, why not surprise your kids with a brand-new toothbrush? This is a simple yet efficient way to get them excited about brushing their teeth. You could even get them a new toothbrush every month so that they can always look forward to having a brand-new tool to use when brushing their teeth. Be sure to search for the child-friendly toothbrushes which come in colorful shapes.

2. Get them a yummy toothpaste

You might have fond memories of secretly licking toothpaste as a child. This is because many toothpaste brands are quite sweet and the taste can be a great incentive to encourage your kids to brush their teeth more often. Hence, you should experiment with different flavors until you find the flavor that they like the most.

3. Make it a family affair

Sometimes your kids could be apprehensive about brushing their teeth because they do not see anyone else doing it. Hence, you could make it fun for them by brushing your teeth together as a family. Bring together elder siblings, younger siblings, and other family members so that you can all do dental cleaning together. You could even come up with a fun tooth brushing song that you sing every time you finish the daily routine. By making it a communal affair, your child will look forward to tooth brushing since it will be an opportunity for them to spend time with you and their other siblings.

4. Create a reward system

At times, it could be useful for you to create a reward system by giving your kids an incentive to look forward to when they brush their teeth. This could be in the form of a golden star or even a special toy or tasty snack that they get to enjoy when they brush their teeth every day for an entire week. Does your child have a favorite program that they watch every day? Well, you could make it a rule that they only get to watch this show after brushing their teeth.

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