5 Little-Known Dangers of Having Misaligned Teeth

If you walk into any dental clinic, you will certainly find at least one patient who is in need of teeth alignment services. Misalignment of teeth is a common dental concern that many individuals face. It is widespread among both children and adults. In children, tooth misalignment is easier to eradicate since their dental formula is still developing, hence they would respond better to orthodontic intervention. If you or your child has misaligned teeth, you might be mistaken to think that this is purely a cosmetic problem which brings no serious ill effects. The reality is that misaligned teeth can bring about a wide range of problems including:

1. Poor oral hygiene

When you have crooked or misaligned teeth, it becomes difficult for you to access the entire tooth surface during brushing and flossing. This means that your oral hygiene will suffer due to ineffective cleaning that can even bring about the tooth discoloration. When food particles remain in your mouth due to misaligned teeth, you could suffer from tooth decay when the bacteria in your mouth digest these food remains to produce acidic substances that slowly erode your enamel.

2. Foul breath

This is another problem that could arise from misaligned teeth. When food particles get stuck in hidden places, they begin to rot and decompose, leading to halitosis or bad breath. So, if you have been suffering from bad breath despite vigorous brushing and constant use of mouthwash, you should visit your local dentist to find out whether misaligned teeth could be the causative agents.

3. Tooth injury and wear

When your teeth are misaligned, they tend to rub against each other in an unnatural way when chewing or biting. This constant friction could slowly wear out your enamel, thereby weakening your teeth. If you are experiencing enamel erosion due to misaligned teeth, be sure to visit an orthodontics expert today for effective treatment.

4. Gum disease

Did you know that misaligned teeth can lead to gum disease? Ineffective tooth cleaning leads to bacteria accumulating in the form of plaque. Plaque is a dangerous substance that often brings about gum disease or periodontal disease. Some symptoms include weakening of gums, painful gums, and excessive redness or swelling.

5. Headaches and TMJ disorder

Did you know that your teeth have nerve endings? You might be surprised to learn that having misaligned teeth could bring about severe headaches. This happens when your nerve endings are affected, leading to serious pain in the head and neck area. In addition, crooked teeth could also lead to TMJ disorder which is characterized by pain in the neck, face, and shoulders. One might also experience jaw popping and locking.

To prevent these harmful effects, be sure to visit your orthodontist right away to correct your misaligned teeth.

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